Pictures from Kinabatangan River

The family of long tailed macaques.

We saw really beautiful butterflies.


Grey leaf monkey

Rhinoceros Hornbill

Proboscis Monkeys
 Broad-billed ...


Macaques eat palm fruits
 Family of pygmy elephants
 Hornbill in flight
 Sunrise on the river

 Proboscis Monkeys around Abai Jungle Lodge


Pictures from Danum Valley

Staying at Borneo Rainforest Lodge was my favorite part of the trip. I can't get over the feeling of awe when looking up at the primary Jurassic jungle from the dining area / view from my room. 

Alpha Male Orangatan
Mother and daughter

Red Leaf Monkey


Pacific Sutera Hotel

I really enjoyed staying here in a sea view club room. It was great having breakfast and cocktails in the members only club overlooking the harbor. It was also great to just walk to the marina and take the boat to our dive shop.

We finally visited the swimming pools on our last day and decided to swim at the one at the Sutera Marina club where they cool the water so it's super refreshing and there's water slides and an infinity pool. The club also has a golf course, bowling alley, movie theater and pool hall.

We also got massages at the spa in our hotel. They called it Balinese deep tissue massage. It was different from other massages that I've gotten. Perhaps a mix of Thai, Kilmer, and pressure point techniques. It was very relaxing.

Alas, heading home

This was definitely the best vacation yet. I did a bit of everything: trekking with a little hiking, seeing animals and birds that I have never seen before, staying in some of the oldest and best preserved rainforest in the world, getting great shots with the Canon 100-400mm lens, riding along the Kinabatangan River and seeing animals day and night, scuba diving in the South Pacific, and getting pampered in the Pacific Club at the Pacific Sutera Hotel.

I've learned what it's like to trek in 100% humidity. Fortunately there aren't so many mosquitos in the primary forest because they have many predators - insects and bats. I've learned to start spotting animals in the wild on our walks around Abai Jungle Lodge and MY nature resort where we took self let tours on the boardwalk there. I've learned how amazing it is to swim under a cool waterfall at the end of a hike. I've learned to spot nudibranches amongst the Borneo colorful corals.

Where to next?