Snowshoeing and hot springs

Today we went on a third snowshoeing adventure. It has been snowing since yesterday evening and there's a beautiful blanket of snow making everything appear sparkling and soft. We took a round about trek through the mountains and Meadows and even a bit uphill on the downhill ski slopes.

It's always amazing how Serene everything is in the snow covered forest. Nothing but the crunch of snow underfoot.

After this snow trek, we left the mountain resort and descended to the downtown area of Glenwood Springs which is only at 5700ft elevation. Still high but felt better already. I remembered that my Samsung phone can measure oxygen saturation so I've been compulsively checking on my treks to make sure I take a break when I'm below 80% which happene quite a bit while hiking.

Our next destination was the hot springs of Glenwood Springs. Supposedly, it's the largest outdoor hot springs pool. The larger of the pools contains over 1 million gallons of water. It's so amazing to soak in the pools at 104F  while it snows and surrounded by snow covered mountains. Amazing


Glenwood Springs, Colorado

We're spending New Year's weekend in Glenwood Springs (adjacent to Aspen). It's my first time in Colorado. The people are super nice here. The airport is tiny.
The mountain views are majestic. There's a good layer of snow on everything and it really makes the red mountainscapes pop.
We went snow shoeing and every tree looks like a perfect Christmas tree.
The elevation is a bit tough though - 8000-9000 ft. But it's nothing a little hydration and ibuprofen can't take care of.


Pictures from Kinabatangan River

The family of long tailed macaques.

We saw really beautiful butterflies.


Grey leaf monkey

Rhinoceros Hornbill

Proboscis Monkeys
 Broad-billed ...


Macaques eat palm fruits
 Family of pygmy elephants
 Hornbill in flight
 Sunrise on the river

 Proboscis Monkeys around Abai Jungle Lodge


Pictures from Danum Valley

Staying at Borneo Rainforest Lodge was my favorite part of the trip. I can't get over the feeling of awe when looking up at the primary Jurassic jungle from the dining area / view from my room. 

Alpha Male Orangatan
Mother and daughter

Red Leaf Monkey